Roofing Contractors Ottumwa

Roofing Contractors Ottumwa

Treating Roofing Contractors Right When They Work on Your Home

You just hired roofing contractors in Ottumwa, Iowa and you aren’t sure what you’re required to do for them while they’re at your house. This confusion is understandable and is typical for many in this situation. Follow these simple etiquette tips to ensure that you make your roofers feel comfortable and to get the best possible roofing experience from them at the same time.

Should You Try to Help?

When you’re working with high-quality roofing contractors on your home, you need to let them do what they need to do to finish the job. Try to avoid standing outside and criticizing or directing their work. Most professionals will grow to hate you very quickly if you act like this, even if you have concrete ideas about your roof design. Acting this way shows a distinct lack of respect and trust.

Just as importantly, you need to answer their questions if they have any and provide them with guidance when needed. Help in this way is encouraged because they are reaching out for it and believe that it is best to get your suggestions before making any changes. That makes their aide a better thing for your home and your roof and ensures that you get the right results.

Make sure that you keep any children or aggressive animals inside while they work to avoid complications. No matter how much your son wants to talk to them about the job or how to perform various repairs, you should keep him inside to avoid mistakes or dangers. Just as importantly, make sure that any friendly dogs who might get in the way are inside to keep the workers – and the animals – safe.

Do You Provide Bathroom Access?

One situation that confuses many people when hiring roofing contractors is the dreaded bathroom issue. Many homeowners don’t know if it is right to ask the roofers to come into their home to use the bathroom or if they need to rent an outhouse for their contractors. More than one person has run into this situation before, which is why many roofers help alleviate the situation by bringing their own bathroom.

This step helps to keep the workers where they and you want them to be – outside working hard. Just as importantly, it prevents any personal issues, such as workers accidentally bringing in dirt or mud or interfering with your life by accident. Professional roofers understand that you want your privacy as much as they want theirs and try to bring a bathroom whenever they can to your home.

However, there may be situations in which a bathroom cannot be delivered to your home. For example, the delivery service may be too far from your home, or you may have a minimal area to place one. In this situation, you will probably have to give them access to your bathroom. Talk to the foreman about this concern and lay down bathroom use ground rules to ensure that everyone is happy.

Is It Necessary to Provide Water?

The roofing season typically takes place during the summer, which can make life very uncomfortable for many roofers. Climbing a tall roof and working in the direct sun in what can be 90-100 degree weather is often very painful. As a result, you may feel compelled to provide water for your workers to make them comfortable. But is this always necessary to do?

Simply put, most roofing contractors will bring along refreshments for their workers, including chilled water and various other beverages. If they do, you typically don’t have to take care of the workers because they have water already. However, you may way to consider talking to the foreman about this situation and seeing if they will need water if their supply runs out at any point.

This step is a smart one because it ensures that your workers don’t have to go looking for water at a store. As a result, they can stay focused on their work and provide you with the high quality roof that you need. Make sure that the water isn’t too cold during the hot summer, however. Very cold water drank in the summer heat may cause adverse and uncomfortable reactions in your workers.


Should Workers Relax On Your Property?

Lastly, your roofing contractors are going to have several times during the day when they relax. This situation isn’t uncommon because they’ll need to cool down or take it easy if they get tired. You may feel compelled to bring out places to relax for your workers, such as chairs or tables. While this is a nice thought and your contractor may say they appreciate it, it may lead to some awkward situations.

For example, your workers may relax very well on your chairs and cause no problems. Others might sit down on them too hard and cause the chair to break or even crack. This situation can make your roofing experience more awkward, particularly if your workers feel uncomfortable sitting in their client’s chairs. Some might be unable to relax, knowing that they are in somebody else’s chair.

Besides these potential issues, most contractors will bring their own chairs to your home or simply prefer to relax on the roof instead. In this situation, you should respect their decision and let them do what they want to do on their breaks. And as for snacks, such as sandwiches or even full lunches, you don’t need to do that either. However, some hungry roofers may appreciate a bite to eat while on break.

Who Can You Contact for Help?

If you want the best roofing contractors in Ottumwa, Iowa and are ready to get the best results possible, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Build Rite now to learn more. Our experts will sit down and talk to you about these situations and give you an insight into what we need. Then, we’ll figure out the best new look for your roof and will strive to make it look as great as possible.

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